Tutera Medical

Tutera Medical

8412 E Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Mel Schottenstein, NMD – Phoenix, Arizona IV Therapy Specialist

Tutera Medical’s staff of Phoenix, Arizona IV Therapy Specialists is committed to their patient’s good health and well-being. Providing cutting-edge, effective treatments like IV Therapy, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and PRP Therapy allows the specialists to create customized treatment plans that help patients overcome medical issues and restore their health and beauty. Tutera Medical provides a variety of IV Therapy protocols, administered by medical professionals with years of experience and advanced training. Tutera Medical holds its standards of care in the same manner as its founder, Dr. Gino Tutera. He always put patients first with compassion and understanding.

IV Therapy Drips Offered at Tutera Medical:

  • Antioxidant – Treats Anxiety
  • B12 Booster – Treats B12 Deficiency, Provides Energy, Vegan
  • Detox and Liver Support – Helps with Liver Detoxing
  • Energy Booster/Fat Booster – For Energy and as a Fat Burner
  • Immune Booster – Boosts Immune Function
  • Mito Boosters-NAD – Mitochondrial Support, Energy, Treats Fatigue and Chronic Conditions
  • NAD+ – Regenerates cells, Increases Energy, Boosts Metabolism
  • Post Exercise/Muscle Recovery – Aids Muscle Recovery After Exercise
  • Vitamin D – Treats Vitamin D Deficiency

Patient Testimonials

“My experience has been life changing! I feel better than I have in a long while. So many things have improved, most importantly the fun and excitement that marriage is meant to have!!! I highly recommend!” – D.R.

“Thank you for giving me peace of mind and the ability to enjoy living again!” – T.W.

“Tutera Medical has helped me so much with my issues. I have recommended them to all my friends!” – J.L.